Lodging at ‘la Viennerie’

What makes La Viennerie so special?

Dogs are truly welcome at La Viennerie! We don’t charge extra when you bring your dog(s) with you.

Our many training courses allow you to be engaged actively with your dog, but you can also enjoy a relaxed holiday while your dog keeps you company.

If you want to spend some time away from La Viennerie we can take care of your dog for a small fee.
Of course you are just as welcome without canine company!

- taking a walk along one of the many paths meandering through the fields (detailed maps available)
- bicycling: the flat terrain is ideal for exploration by bicycle
- horse riding
- golfing
- swimming.

Tourist attractions:
- Paris: the train from Montargis brings you straight to the centre of Paris
- Gien, a castle on the banks of the River Loire, houses the International Hunting Museum (Musée International de la Chasse et de la Nature)
- Also in Gien: the Gien Earthenware factory shop, famous for its dinnerware and tableware.