On and around La Viennerie there is the opportunity to train your dog by professional trainers during a small and private session.

We offer training with live game, as well as shot game depending on the hunting season as well as the amount of available game.
It is a must for those starting out with hunting and wanting to learn the secrets of the trade as well as to create perfection and get the best out of your dog.
The training will be provided by Rob Jagerszky, a trainer with offer 40 years of experience, a successful hunter and breeder.

Price for training on demand.

Our grounds are perfect for training spaniels. It is partly blackthorn and wild privet, alternated with blackberry bushes.
We have plenty of wild rabbit. For steadinesstraining a rabbit can be shot for your dog (if the hunting season is open).

For Retrievers we provide training Field trial Training, walk-up and driven game posting.
You can introduce your dog to retrieve freshly shot game during the hunting season.

Professional gundogtrainer  is Rob Jagerszky, a succesfull handler and trainer with 35 years experience in training dogs to point and retrieve.  He is a specialist on continental pointing breeds.  For his most recent successes go to:www.epagneul-breton.nl

Prices on demand.