La Viennerie

‘La Viennerie’ is a farmstead situated in the Gâtinais, a rural region just south of Paris, France.

The main building, a longère, dates back to 1850. It is a typical example of the farms in the region: living quarters and stables situated next to each other in one building, with a roof that reaches lower on the back side.
The old living quarters are inhabited by us; the stable has been transformed into a luxurious holiday home, a gîte, accommodating up to eight persons.

Our farmstead covers almost 20 acres and is surrounded by grain fields and farmland with maize or sun flowers. Rape seed as well is a popular cultivation product in the region. Small woods make a varied landscape.



‘La Viennerie’ offers many facilities. You can:

- enjoy your holidays together with your dog(s) in our gîte
- savour the sounds of singing birds while reclining undisturbed in a lazy chair
- make use of our small-scale camping accommodations with tent, camper or caravan
- give your dog a holiday in our dog pension
- take courses with your (gun)dog
- arrange your own gun-dog courses in perfect surroundings.